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Jazmine Price


Jazmine Price

Jazmine is a mental health professional, trained Marriage and Family Therapist based in the Chicagoland area. She currently works for a private practice where she gets the opportunity to help couples, families, and individuals break unhealthy patterns, while challenging them to become their best selves. Jazmine comes from a systemic approach, which focuses on understanding how the individual is impacted by the systems around them, by looking at the persons patterns, cycles, and structures within those systems. From a young age Jazmine has always had a passion for helping others and has spent majority of her life committed to what that work looks like. She is devoted to educating and bringing awareness to communities and populations that are typically unrepresented within the mental health space of its importance and benefits. When not in the therapy room, Jazmine spends her time volunteering, mentoring, and enjoying life with family and friends. She is thankful and feels  privileged to step into some of the most intimate spaces with her clients and is grateful for the opportunity to do such fulfilling work.


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