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Jessica Sublet


Jessica Sublet

About two years ago, I was searching for a new hobby. At the time, I was working for a major airline and I had some time on my hands. I was on Pinterest when I fell upon a cheese influencers page and I was immediately obsessed. I was saving all the pins of beautiful cheese boards and thought I need to try this. I’m half french and most gatherings involve cheese and wine! A year later, my husband and I were hosting a few friends over and I decided I would make an Instagram worthy cheese board as an appetizer. Well, this cheese board was the centerpiece of conversation! After that, I had a few friends and family ask me to create the boards and months later here we are.

We build customized charcuterie boards, boxes, jars and tables. I specialize in visual, edible displays. What sets us apart is we listen to our customers and they help us grow!


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