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Keith Williams


Keith Williams

So my best friend told me about real estate about seven years ago. I studied it in undergrad but did nothing with it. It took me getting married three and a half years ago to try something new. Nothing would have convinced me that I'd be taking four and five figure checks to the bank for deposit. Since then, I've dedicated my days to investing and teaching people what I know. I'd love to learn your goals and see what I can do to serve you! Let's go...

I began REIMastery in the fourth quarter of 2020. I was a pastor and an insurance relationship manager for 10+ years. I absolutely loved teaching; it comes natural to me. People consistently reach out to me asking for real estate investment mentorship and teaching. As much as I LOVE investing, I know part of my journey is to educate and inform others to make legacy level decisions -- it's the journey I'm taking as well! My desire to exist around greatness while procuring and demonstrating my own.


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