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Maronda Allen-Chenault


Maronda Allen-Chenault

Maronda Allen-Chenault is a Counselor, an Author, and a Mother. She was born in Washington DC but moved to California at 21 where she started a family and earned two college degrees. Maronda graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with a Maters Degree in Educational Counseling. She
has been a counselor for over 15 years where she has served students from Elementary to High school along with supporting youth in rehabilitation detention programs in California and Nevada. After her divorce in 2011 she moved to Las Vegas as a respite to complete her healing. Maronda has worked in various areas of ministry including teaching Divorce Care, Boundaries and she started a prayer ministry called WEEP (Women's Establishing Earnest Prayer). She has earned her AA in Biblical Studies, a Lay Counselor Certification and currently completing her Mental Health First Aid Coaching Credential.

Maronda has taken her pain and turned it into purpose as she began to use her story to create a platform to inspire uplift and support those who have experienced heartbreak, loss and trauma. She is the Creator of BOUGIE Girl Cyber Happy Hour is where she Hosts “HerStory” and “Night of Encouragement”. She
empowers women to discover their God-given purpose after heartache in order to live purposeful lives.

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