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Maureen Bobo


Maureen Bobo

Maureen Bobo currently serves as the Chief Executive of Public Relations for Hope For Widows Foundation; a philanthropic, charitable giving organization developed by widowed women that strives to offset the financial challenges of and build community among widowed women nationwide. Maureen partners with the Executive Director and other members of the Foundation to create important messaging for the Community and outside partners. She strives to educate the public, raise awareness, collaborate, build credibility, engage donors and members while bringing exposure that aligns with the Mission, Vision, and Values. She is also the spokesperson for the Foundation where she manages media relations to media outlets and appears on television, radio, podcast programs and conferences. 

Maureen is a Master's level Social Worker in the state of Ohio responsible for clients with various demographics. Maureen currently works for Collaboration Station as a Social Worker and Entrepreneur Coach. Maureen is also a co-author of ‘The Unwelcome Committee’ the story of three young widows with children and their navigation through the processes of grief. Additionally, she is the co-author and contributor to 3 more books: ‘Grief Diaries: Poetry, Prose and More’, ‘Widowed But Not Wounded: The Hustle and Flow of 13 Resilient Black Widowed Women’, and ‘You Are Unstoppable: Moving From Past To Purpose’. 

Maureen speaks across the world to encourage others on similar grief journeys. She has ministered the gospel in churches, schools, and neighborhoods of Belize, Central America. Her passion is for Grief Recovery, Health and Wellness, Women’s Empowerment, Single's Ministry, and Entrepreneurship. Maureen believes that you CAN go from “Tragedy to Triumph” and hopes that her life story will be an inspiration for others to heal. 


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