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Practice Incubator

Begins May 2023

So you've made the decision you go into private practice? Or maybe you're just thinking about it. Right now things seem both exciting and daunting all at once. Private practice requires that we wear a lot of hats: business owner, therapist, accountant, writer, risk taker, IT pro, public relations master, web designer, marketing guru... basically it's a lot to learn. Some tasks will come naturally, some will challenge us to learn new skills, and some well just hire an expert to deal with for us. Knowing where to start and moving from dreaming, to creating a vision, to taking action is what this incubator is all about. 


We'll meet each month for 4 months to investigate the following areas of building a private practice:

  • Am I Ready for Private Practice

    • Preparing for the Transition

    • Create the Vision 

    • Strengths and Limitations 

    • Setting your rates, Insurance Contracts

    • Online Networks 

  • Building the Brand​

    • What is your identity?

    • Building Relationships

    • Find Your Voice

    • Define Your Niche

    • Building an Internet Presence

  • Business Acumen

    • Preparation: Setting Up a Business

    • The Cost of Running a Business

    • Set First Year Expectations... & Beyond

    • Paperwork and Forms

  • Setting the Foundation

    • Location, Location, Location

    • Office Space

    • Office Set up

    • Face to Face vs Telehealth

And so much more......


$100 registration fee + $100 per session (8 Sessions)


  • 3 Hour Group Meeting (twice a month) lunch included

  • 1:1 Bi Monthly 1 hour Business Check-Ins 

  • Journal Prompts to Work on Between Sessions

  • Networking & Support from Peers

  • Closed group, limited to 12 

  • Dedicated office space for up to 10hrs per month (based on availability) Face to Face or Telehealth

Ready to Grow?

Online applications now available.  Virtual options open available. 

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