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Tara Alderete


Tara Alderete

Tara Alderete is Director of Enterprise Learning at MMI, the largest provider of nonprofit financial counseling and education in the United States. Her experience includes managing and facilitating internal and external financial capability programs, developing curriculum within the financial services industry, and managing and developing trainers. In her current role, she oversees a team of educators, creates MMI’s online and in-person education programs, and facilitates community workshops and webinars.
Tara joined the agency in 2010 as a curriculum development specialist and was instrumental in developing MMI’s online education communities. She has since transitioned to director of education, allowing her to use both her development and facilitation skills to benefit the diverse communities served by MMI, including military service members and veterans, Hispanic audiences, students, and athletes.

Based in the Atlanta area, Tara has been sourced as a subject matter expert for Nerdwallet, Bankrate, Fox Business,, Fox 5 Atlanta, Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO Radio, Atlanta Business Radio, and The Veterans Money Book. She has presented at the Hope Global Forum Annual Meeting, Georgia FBLA State Leadership Conference, VEO Military Women’s Empowerment Summit, and the Coast Guard Transition Assistance Program.

Tara is an alumnae of the University of New Mexico, holds a Certificate in Grant Writing from the University of Georgia, and a Certificate in Criterion Referenced Instruction from Mager Associates, Inc. She is an NFCC Certified Financial Educator, a Certified Housing Counselor, and FCRA Certified. She has served on planning committees for Money Smart Week, The Georgia Initiative for Community Housing, and Georgia Department of Family Services Financial Literacy Fair.


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